Saturday 3 June 2023

75 Bucks o' Fun! Kingston Stamp Show

The Eastern Ontario Stamp & Coin Festival was held today at Crossroads United Church at 690 Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard. I hadn't attended the October stamp show in a few years, last one being at Christ Church Anglican, Cataraqui. Before that, the usual location was held at Edith Rankin Memorial United Church in Collins Bay. This event proved that the numismatists and the philatelists coin a phrase!

I had three goals in attending the show:

  • Buy another Harris 'Traveler' album (above - five bucks!)
  • Do some damage at the Kingston Stamp Club consignment table (below)
  • Grab some inexpensive grab bags (also below)
All three missions - Accomplished!

I didn't take any photos at the show, so allow me to paint a mental picture for you. Imagine a church hall, with tables and boxes everywhere. And people standing around talking or looking intently through the contents of the boxes. That's pretty much it!

The Traveler album was in great condition, front cover slightly swaybacked, but that's how they seem to age. My three Travelers, including my childhood one, don't get the chance because they're full of pages. As this fourth one will soon be! Some stamps inside, with reuseable stamp hinges.

The consignment table did not disappoint. Somes examples below, both from the consignment table and from Don and Roy's tables. Though $10 was my big grab bag/consignment purchase, most were $2-3.
Once I got home with my two reuseable grocery bags of goodies, they were emptied into a photo-box for summertime sorting! Duplicates will go to Oxfam. Some necessities, from Don and an Ottawa-area dealer, who had mounts at reduced price - $5 each. Cheaper than Amazon, though I provided the free shipping! The Discovery stamp album is from 1959 and had some interesting stamps that I removed. Others were glued in - or licked - and will require oaking. The large brown stockbook was quickly converted into envelope-size stock cards for stamp exchanges by mail.
All for $75, including free admission.