Friday 24 February 2023

TradeOnlyStamps Exchange Site


TradeOnlyStamps is a long-running website that hosts trades between collectors. Drevis Uitterdijk hosts the site, first established in 1998. Any collector can place a free advertisement, listing what they have and what they're looking for. The potential traders can contact each other through the site portal and emails. Traders can also leave feedback on the site after a trade is completed. Periodic newsletters are sent out via email with the most recent advertisements and more!

Though the site hosts collectors from all over the world, I've been trying to economize by participating in trades from the U.S. and Canada only. Not only do many continental collectors have stamps that are as varied as foreign collectors, but the cost of postage is one-half to one-third for each trade!

Having participated in a variety of trading, circuit and exchange schemes over the last few years, I've found that TradeOnlyStamps is one of the most successful in completing successful trades and getting selections of stamps I'm looking for.

JULY 2023 UPDATE : Drevis has decided to no longer host the TradeOnlyStamps website, effective December. He is offering the site to a new host, if one can be found.

Thursday 23 February 2023

Liberte- Egalite-Philatelie!

After spending time checking for duplicates and putting several favourite countries' stamps in their respective albums - Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, USA - I ended up in France. The French postal service's propensity for releasing sets of two to twelve stamps led to a large baggie of their products waiting to be organized. In fact, rectangular stamps in that baggie, all stacked, measured nearly five inches. I had my work cut out for me!

The video above shows the final result. Don't mind the single page of Finland - small stamps of both countries were on the same Traveler album page. I'll fix that eventually. The video also lacks four pages  that stuck together as I was flipping pages. There are somewhere north of 1,700 stamps in those pages. For best use of space, I generally stuck to one format per page, then alternated those pages. There is only mild adherence to date order - I would have worked harder for my favourite country collections!

I had not ever intended to start a France album. But the number of home-printed pages soon stacked up, and I am firmly against putting stamps on both side of one page, so the page count ramps up quickly. As did the ever-nearer bottom of my bag of stamp hinges. I had to order more!

Wednesday 22 February 2023

"Let's Work Stamps"... my Dad might say on a winter weekend afternoon. Kid(s) would grab their Traveler albums and gather with him around the dining room table. Hence the name of this blog. The term loosely referred to laying out, organizing, soaking, arranging, and ultimately placing stamps in our albums. Everything had to be cleared away by suppertime.

Each of us had a Traveler album, perhaps with cardboard homemade stock sheets. The stamps would have been common, inexpensive ones. Others would be mint Canada issues.

My Dad and I would make Saturday trips to McIntyre's stamp shop on Brock Street just below Wellington (present-day view, above). Stamps were stored in binders on wall-mounted shelves on the left. Coins were in bins on a table in the centre of the store. Albums and supplies were displayed on the right side. There was a back room and probably a big, heavy safe! Smoking was permitted, encouraged, and partaken in by the proprietor.

Junior collectors like me were offered the two-cent, four-cent and six-cent books. Everything inside each binder was available for that flat rate. A pair of tongs, a pencil and a piece of paper were provided and I was expected to keep a running total. At the end of the visit, the stamps were carefully put into a glassine by the owner and payment was made by Dad.

Later, John Meiboom joined the staff and the store's neon sign, then reading "McIntyre & Meiboom'. There is little trace of our favourite Saturday-morning haunt.

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The Traveler album - "sturdy and colorfully-decorated"
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