Wednesday 21 February 2024

StampEd - I LikEd It!

Imagine my surprise when I found something online that actually promoted stamp collecting in a non-stodgy, non-boring, engaging manner! It's the debut issue of StampEd e-zine, I soon DiscoverEd, and it's aimed at the digital generation! (The Ed thing is part of the e-zine design theme.) 

It's a new outreach by the American Philatelic Society, and contains only a very soft sell for new members, which is nice to see. In fact, several articles and pieces in the magazine promote new ways to engage potential collectors, which is also nice to see. 

I snapped some screenshots of parts I liked, not only to share with whoever the heck is reading this blog, but mainly for my own reference! Their target demographic is not 50-60 year-old men, it's actually the 20-50 year-old crowd, especially women.

Canada's own - StampCat!
Mystic does indeed make neat stamp catalogues, but this Free! offer is only available in the U.S. 

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