Sunday 25 February 2024

Silk on the Web!

If there is one stand-out Stampers on Youtube that never disappoints, it's Silk on the Web. I included him high on my list in this post last April, and he has not disappointed since!

He posts regularly, which is not easy. He has fun. Also not easy for those stodgy stampers out there. His videos are always interesting, varied, regular and enjoyable.

Recently, he offered some trades, and who doesn't love a good trade? In yesterday's video, he opened some of those he's received, including mine that I mailed on January 23 to St. Paul in an interior envelope made from Eric's album pages
No names or addresses other than his are mentioned. Seemingly happy with my modest trade (some traders are sending albums, mint stamps and series, but I'm sure he would even appreciate and enjoy anything!) including the cover and the postcard, one that my Dad picked up in New York City over 50 years ago! Glad to see someone enjoyed seeing it all these years later and many miles from here.
As the video says, people are giving up VAN life but not STAMP life. (I've often thought of adopting the van life. Stamp collecting could easily be done on the road, unlike say, blacksmithing or Coke machine refurbishment. But with my luck, parked in my plywood-lined van beside some Instagram-worthy mountain lake or wherever, a phantom breeze would probably blow through and all the stamps would suddenly be scattered to the four social media-friendly winds.) So I'll be staying put and indulging in the stamp life!

Silk kindly sent a trade back, arriving here on March 1. Included were two mint booklets, the one shown depicting a Stranraer amphibian! Awesome.

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