Friday 12 April 2024

Levelling the Album Playing Field

Ever since I began my Long and Noble Crusade a year ago, I've been albumizing stamps. First from the Keep baggie, then from the sorted-by-country two-row box of glassines, and recently, from recent stamp-show-finds sorting, and most recently some Keep baggie British Commonwealth! I ended up with a 1.5 inch-thick file folder of album pages (below) ready for mounting in my four Traveler albums (top photo).
Some of my own pages, designed in MS Word, mounted and ready to go in albums. As my Dad used to say, you can never go wrong with 'British Colonials'!
I knew that my albums would be bursting if I added all those pages. And since I haven't come across a fifth Traveler album, it's probably best to hold the line at four albums for all those smaller country collections.So, like the breaking-out of my Germany, France, West Indies etc. into new albums, I decided to remove Switzerland, Netherlands and Scandinavia for separate albums in future. I then went through the rather laborious, though enjoyable process of removing ALL pages from ALL albums, so they could have the new pages interleaved and all four albums 'levelled' so the covers wouldn't be under pressure! I added some reinforcements to punched holes and double-checked the order of the pages. Broken-out countries (below - left) with two albums' worth of loose pages stacked at right:
Feeling empty as a drum:
The removal complete, all pages stacked at right totalling about 5.5 inches of compressed height. I toyed with various ideas of levelling: actual levelling with a level, weighing, etc. I wanted each album to start and finish cleanly, country-wise and thickness-wise. 
A variety of original Traveler pages, photocopied pages, pages from more than one album, pages I printed myself, and Canadian Wholesale Supply pages - all of varying sizes but each needing two holes punched to go into the original two-post binders. Only one of the Travelers is my original one - other three have been bought at stamp shows, and the fourth has a plastic, not cardboard binding with posts inside.
Levelling underway! Each album's about-to-be pile of pages was a compressed height of 1.5 inches. Ish.
The finished products! All punched, put on album posts, screwed in and ready to shelve:
You can see the basic cardboard albums are looking well-used. And that's the way we like them!


  1. lots of work Eric. Hope the trains haven't been neglected. But organize-on. rgds, John F. Montreal.

  2. It's like cutting a pie, John. There's always the same amount of interest-pie, and sometimes more interests get added (or reawakened). The trains will still roll, the blog will still blog. All is well.

    Thanks for your comment,